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With a passion for entertainment and digital communication, we develop your ideas in the most creative way possible. You need an app or a website? You have the greatest idea for a game or a virtual reality experience? No need to look any further.

Founded in Luxembourg 2018
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We develop solutions for everyone.

!= everyone else.

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What we do

Never set boundaries to your imagination. Everything is possible with the right team.

Our mission is to help you to make your ideas become reality. We help businesses to improve their digital presence with online applications and websites. This creates the leverage necessary to maintain business in the future.

The idea of creating catching games is driven by the passion to entertain people around us. Give yourself a break on stressful days and dive into our games and virtual reality experiences.

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Game Development

Mobile, PC and Switch
Got a brilliant game idea?
We bring it to life!

Web Development

Websites and Web Apps
In need for a website ?
We've got you covered!


ArchViz, Experiences and Games
Take your business to the next level, show it in VR!

App Development

iOS, Android and Tizen
We create high quality apps without compromises.
Design meets performance.

Create your competitive advantage

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Latest technology

We are always up to date on new technologies to continuously improve your content.

Pragmatic goals

We don’t build only on aesthetics. Websites and apps should always solve business problems.

Free imagination

Whether it’s an idea for an app or a VR game, tell us your idea and we will take care of the rest.


Dont’ sell, entertain. Games and VR are the most playful way to be remembered.

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